Question: which wood is best?

Wow.  That is a good question.  There are many answers to it and that, my friends, makes it a good question.  Wood is good.  Good for building things.  Good for adding aesthetic beauty to our lives.  Good for practical purposes like storing things.  It is one of those things that merges the practical and the aesthetic into one.  Those sorts of things are interesting.   Wood is also good for making appropriately timed jokes a million times a day, and that, you can be sure, has been the case for millenia.

With this space I intend to lay out (ha!) the process by which I have learned this trade, and the ongoing process through which I continue to learn, with pictures and words about what I am up to at the workbench.  Maybe there will be some book reviews along the way, maybe some top five lists, and maybe some venn diagrams, and some tips on getting ready for the apocalypse.  At some point in the near future hopefully there will be a lot of posts about building a big toolbox/shop on wheels which can be brought to a town or a crafts festival near you.

Here is a picture of the screen door that I built out of recycled materials.  I finished it late last spring just before the coming of the flies.  It added a nice shape to our doorway for the summer months and kept flies out, sort of.IMAG0033

Happy New Year, and here’s to many successes and overcoming of obstacles for everyone!

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