Use What You Have

(I am thinking this to be a good maxim to live by these days. It is a lot of fun to come up with ways of working that are your own, and a toolkit that is your own. They are never quite your own really but in your time and your space you own these ways. What the hell am I talking about? I am thinking use the things around you that you have. You can build a piece of furniture with a hatchet. There are people in Romania who still do it like that. Probably some people here who do it too. I am thinking that I do not need to run off to the hardware store or Ebay every time I hit a snag when I am working or fall into the trap of believing that if I just had the next tool my work would be better off. Not saying that new tools are never needed.)

I wrote the first paragraph of this post like two years ago. We had another kid in that time. Named her Roya. Odetta grew in that time. She is a wonderfully independent young child. Used to like to hang with me in the shop. Currently she likes to hang with her mother while the evening meal is made. Sits on the counter and asks her what all the things are. All the things. It is awesome. I love the phases of life. Embrace them. I am trying to understand the ebbs and flows. All the tryings and failings the rhythms. There is hardly anthing I can wrap my head around including woodworking.

This is a thing I finished in the time since last i wrote. Currently I am working on the inside of this window, making the trim moldings from scratch and reusing some of what we tore off. I will have pictures of that in the next post. I am taking a week off the old day job to install that. Hopefully I can get it done because I have a lot of projects I wanna do. Maybe I will come up with a list of those and share them or something.

The next phase of my woodworking life is going to see me concentrating on our house, building furniture, doing the place up proper like, and generally focusing inward. I am not at the place where I can do woodworking full time and but I will get there I think and I hope that I will enjoy that time all the more for the struggle of getting there. I hope that dream becomes reality someday. Peace out.

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