There is No Place Like Home

I have to admit that I am a homebody. There is no place that i want to be more than our little 1890’s farmhouse. I think all four of us feel that way. Our girls love being there. Me and Janell love being there. I love the rhododendron bush that blooms in May. I love the Sweet Pea flowers that pop up at random spots on the property. They look like orchids. A friend had to point out to me that they were infact sweet peas. i think they must be in the orchid family. Up pop the nasty weed trees out comes the mattock to dig them out of the earth. Within three to five years the grass we have to mow on our two city lots will be reduced primarily to a twenty by twenty patch in the backyard hopefully. I have a strong aversion to mowing grass. I love clover and moss (I wish we could have a yard full of moss but it only comes up in the front mostly. The other day I showed Odetta the beautiful texture of the moss). I love the soft textured purplish wide-leaved stuff that comes up in the back yard. Grass is blah. Your ass is Grass. Thats an awesome phrase. That is what I say to those little green pests that require an hour and a half of my time every week!

I want to hash out my woodworking vision in this space over the course of the next few posts. This is going to be a difficult thing for me to do. It is growing. This vision affects not just me but also my family as it is my desire to eventually spend my working time building furniture, cabinets, doing some carpentry, and teaching woodwoorking so I must approach it reverently and carefully. But whether I ever make a damn cent from woodworking or carpentry ever again I will always always always be doing it.

That brings me to phase one. I want to fill our house with stuff I built. We have some stuff now in use that I have made. A crib for Roya, some various other things as well. I have a growing list of things to build for our home along with a list of home improvement type projects to do none of which involves tearing out walls or the term ‘open concept.” My next post will deal specifically with these ideas I have to fill our house with furniture built right on our property, some of it in the ten by ten porch room on the front of the house which manages to stay above freezing for the winter unlike the garage where my bigger workbench is which I have not had time to winterize yet.

This is a portable workbench I built. It is a low workbench (only twenty two inches). I love this little thing. I got the idea from Christopher Swartz and Lost Art Press’s book Ingenious Meckaniks which I got for Father’s Day. In the pictures I am working on the window sills for the Goshen Youth Arts Center which are for the inside of the window I showed pictures of in the previous post. In the last picture I ripped a board by standing on the work bench during the course of a ten minute song by the band The War on Drugs. The possibilties are endless for this versatile little workbench.

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